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About Odors

basset-hound.jpgOdors are everywhere. Just think about the unpleasant odors you may encounter on any given day like:

• Cigarette Smoke 
• Mold & Mildew 
• Smoke Damage 
• Food Odors 
• Beverage Odors 
• Decaying Matter 

• Pet Odors 
• Carpet Cleaning 
• Damp Basements

Although odors come from a variety of sources, they all have the same thing in common. They are all airborne particulates which will remain airborne and potentially hazardous (mold, mildew, bacteria) until treated.

OdorStop eliminates odors and the things that cause them at their source. Ozone is effective at oxidizing odors and killing the origin of the smell whether it is mold, mildew, or bacteria caused from decaying animals, etc. OdorStop does not use chemicals or fragrances to mask the odor problem which often can be more objectionable than the original odor being treated. These units attack the source head-on. And because there are no chemicals, OdorStop is a safer solution to odor problems.

OdorStop is a heavy duty, professional grade cleaner and is for use in unoccupied spaces only.