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Where To Use

OdorStop Professional Ozone Generators can be used virtually anywhere odors are a problem. In fact, hospitals around the world use large ozone generators to decontaminate operating rooms between surgeries. Here are just of a few examples of where to use OdorStop:

Real Estate Sales -- freshen air before open houses
Rental Properties -- clean and sanitize between tenants
Hotel Rooms -- refresh the air and sanitize between guests
Automobiles -- get rid of cigarette odors and stale smells in pre-owned vehicles
Rental Cars -- remove odors between rentals
Recreational Vehicles -- eliminate odors after storage and before road trips
Commercial Buses -- clean the air and sanitize surroundings for passenger comfort
Limousines -- ensure guests have the cleanest smelling cabin possible
Boats/Yachts -- refresh interior cabin air and eliminate musty smells
Airplanes -- use between flights to clean and sanitize
Food Markets/Food Processing -- eliminate odors of decomposing food while sanitizing
Dining Rooms -- enhance the dining experience for restaurant patrons
Restaurant Kitchens -- clean sanitize kitchen spaces
Walk-In Coolers -- sanitize air and clean without chemicals
Bars and Lounges -- remove stale odors and musty smells
Office Buildings -- clean and sanitize work spaces for better employee health
Janitorial Services -- offer as an additional cleaning service
Fitness Facilities -- remove odors overnight
Warehouses -- maintain clean air and sanitation in warehouse facilities
Smoke Damage -- remove smoke odors following a fire
Remodeling -- include as part of remodeling clean-up