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About Ozone

Ozone, or O3, is simply a supercharged form of oxygen, and is often referred to as nature’s own purifier. In nature, oxygen is regularly transformed into ozone through forces such as lightning, or as ultra-violet light from the sun strikes the earths atmosphere.

The regular oxygen molecule that we breathe is referred to as O2. Ozone is essentially O2 with an extra oxygen atom attached. That is where the O3 designation comes from. Nature has been creating O3 for millions of years as a natural sanitizer. After a short period of time the O3 molecule will revert back to O2, regular oxygen, leaving no residue.

In high levels ozone has a blue color, which is why the sky is blue. It was discovered in the 1800’s and is classified as the 2nd strongest oxidizer in the world and has been used over the last century to purify water, air, and eliminate a wide range of odors.

Is ozone safe?

In fact, many hospitals around the world use large ozone generators to decontaminate operating rooms between surgeries. The rooms are cleaned and then sealed airtight before being filled with ozone which effectively kills or neutralizes all remaining bacteria. Even though ozone is safe, at very high concentrations it can be irritating to mucous membranes and the respiratory system. That is why OdorStop Ozone Generators should only be used in unoccupied spaces.